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I have been a spankee for 3 years now and like many was very nervous about taking that first step. I have been lucky enough to play with many wonderful disciplinarians attended parties and schooldays . It’s important for me to find someone that I connect with as this kink is a very personal one and takes a lot of trust between both parties when receiving and administering punishment to the correct level . I can honestly say Miss Diosa is quite simply one of the best . If you are looking for someone who is firm but caring then she is your match . She takes time to learn your individual needs and is very skilful with her implements. Let’s be honest most bottoms favourite position is a hand spanking over the knee and Miss Diosa certainly won’t disappoint. She is very professional in her approach and will cater for all levels . My personal favourite is her collection of canes so if you are looking for a school day experience you won’t be disappointed. They are fun , new lessons each session pack lunch is provided and she will make sure that each pupil is equally dealt with . Woah be tied anyone that oversteps the line rest assured you will be duly punished I’ve been there !!Role play can be tricky to get right but once you are dressed in your uniform ( and yes this will be inspected) standing in the presence of Miss Diosa it will all come natural . So if you are seasonal player or a newbie be brave and take that step book a 121 or school day and join the class of delinquents but be prepared we are a naughty bunch 

AJ x

I have attended two of Miss Diosa’s school days and both were such amazing days full of fun and spanked bottoms. Our uniform check is always a very interesting part of the
day. I don’t think anyone has fully passed it yet. Knickers with messages written on them, sponges pushed down themto protect a bottom -didn’t work, loose ties and sweets! Yes sweets hidden in our uniform.

I almost got away with that last time but I accidentally touched my pocket with my arm and the sweetie packet rustled. Bad move, resulting in another spanked bottom.
Strangely, uniform inspection seems to result in a smacked bottom for everyone. I guess we are just not very good boys and girls when dressing ourselves in the morning before school.

Then it’s lesson time! Oh the opportunities for cheating abound. Just don’t get caught! You know what will happen. Your bottom will suffer for it.

Lunch time is great and lunch is prepared and brought by our lovely headmistress, Miss Diosa. However don’t let that loveliness fool you. Miss has a mouth watering
(perhaps that should be eye watering) range of implements hanging up and she’s not afraid to use them! More fun to follow. Err, lessons to follow like art and storytime.
This was my favourite time. A girl can get up to so much mischief  when her teacher is reading! Unfortunately for my not so little bottom Miss Diosa misses nothing!

I just wish the days could last for ever and we didn’t have to go home.. Detention at the end of the day is when we get our comeuppance for our misdemeanours during
the day. Of course if you don’t want detention just be good all day! -totally impossible. It’s much more fun to be naughty. So, if you’re thinking about Miss Diosa’s school,
stop thinking and come along. All limits will be fully respected and you will be totally safe in Miss Diosa’s hands.
Libby x

I’d just finished a session with the lovely, kind hearted, intelligent, beautiful but hard hitting Miss Diosa. It never fails to surprise me how many lovely people there are on the scene and Miss Diosa is the perfect example.

I had been planning to go to a party but it had to be cancelled and it was too late to book a space at one of the others on offer. So I connected Miss Diosa to see if she was available for a session. It was short notice but she accommodated me in her purpose built well appointed venue in Worcester. There is ample parking and it’s only a short walk from the railway station.

We met at the arranged time, had a drink and short chat before starting. We had met four times before at parties but this was our first session together. Miss Diosa was beautifully dressed as always and for once I wasn’t wearing a costume although I did wear my gay pride pants for Pride Week.

Miss Diosa caters for nervous beginners, those testing out the scene, those exploring further afield or hard core spankees, but always with a smile on her face making the client feel comfortable (apart from their bottom).

Miss Diosa warmed me up with a firm otk hand spanking. I just love laying over a lap and being walloped. We then graduated to some of the vast array of implements Miss Diosa has. So if you are looking for leather, plastic, wood, thin, thick or wide, whippy or solid Miss Diosa has the lot.

I got to feel a thick strap, wooden tawse, birch and an array of canes including her new one all delivered with accuracy and force. I was given the cane in bursts of 38, 48, 24 and 24 strokes, only interrupted by running repairs on my bottom and some welcome rubbing!

After a full hour’s play we adjourned to a nearby pub where Miss Diosa made time for us to reflect on the session and talk about the scene and vanilla life.

I will certainly be back for more.

I don't get to do this as often as I like, so I'm very selective who I see. Miss Diosa was prompt in replying and very respectful of my wishes. I was extremely nervous beforehand, but once I had met her I knew I was in safe hands.
Miss pushed me in ways I didn't expect, or think I would take, but I always got the impression she had my safety as her number one priority.
Her play space in Worcester is perfect, and very discreet for naughty boys and girls to be punished.
It was safe and absolutely the most fun ever. I enjoyed it so much I went back two days later, and have booked again since returning home.
Book this Lady, you won't regret it!

I met Miss Diosa last year when I ventured back into the kink world at an adult school event. I was so nervous at the thought of being both at the event and meeting others. Something about Miss Diosa really stood out to me in the way she played her role and eased my mind in a new area for me. The event for me was made by this lady and I took to her above any other I've met.

Over a period of time I've visited her many times and although now became her personal sub I found someone I can open up and be honest with, She always puts her students safely as top priority as well as looks after and protecting her own. Miss Diosa always has such high standards in herself and insists I adhere to the same as do others. 
Miss Diosa in my views is the best in the business, liked by so many and I feel blessed to be her Sub, A position so many wish to be in. 
Jenny x 

My Testimonial for Miss Diosa's Academy of Devillish Delinquents

By Sal

The first time I met Miss Diosa at her school was in June 2022 and she put me at ease straight away. She was so welcoming and I felt comfortable being at her school within minutes. I also met 3 other students who welcomed me into the school.

During the day we all had fun with uniform check, being spanked with Miss Diosa's hand and her many implements like the tawse, carpet beater & different types paddles. The other students received the cane too but I didn't want it so Miss Diosa respected my wish and didn't cane me. The students, including myself, all had fun in bringing sweets and form shooting toys and water pistols into school but they were very quickly confiscated by Miss Diosa.

We also do lessons too like art, quiz, maths, geography throughout the day, in between spankings.

School lunch is provided which is always lovely. The students are given a choice of what filling they'd like in their sandwich from 3 fillings. There is always a vegetarian option. During lunchtime we all sit round the table chatting about all sorts of things.

Since that first time, I have been back in her school room twice where I have received the cane and various other implements and I also booked for another school session in October.

Miss Diosa is a fair but strict disciplinarian and will never give you more what you can take on your bottom. She is also a very caring and understanding person who will listen to you too. You will always leave school with a red and sore bottom but if you feel you need more at the end of the day than she will gladly give you more spankings on your bottom.

Miss Diosa is the first female who has spanked me and in June it was the very first time of being spanked in front of others too. I never thought that would ever happen but it has and that's thanks to Miss Diosa. Thank you so much for being a wonderful disciplinarian, Miss Diosa.


I have been into  the spanking scene for a number of years now but was looking for something different especially the possibility of attending a School and be sat with like minded pupils dressed in uniform. I came across Miss Diosa’s website and that she had her own School room based in Worcester and ran regular school days for boys and girls. After initial contact I booked for a session and eagerly awaited for the day to arrive both with apprehension and excitement rolled onto one.

On arrival at the venue I was greeted both by Miss Diosa and fellow pupils of whom I soon got to know and soon the Schoolday began. Miss Diosa welcomed me to the class which was quickly followed by the uniform inspection which I failed and has a result was given a hard hand spanking whilst over Miss Diosa’s lap which was then followed by a dose of the slipper.

Lesson time followed including a history and Maths test and punishments were given out for any failures with Miss Diosa having an array of implements at her disposal including straps, paddles,tawses,riding crops and a carpet beater!! A lunch break ensued were we all got know one another a bit better then onto the afternoon session which included an art lesson were we had to design a new school badge followed by all of us having to write a letter of apology to the headmistress for stealing.

Miss Diosa then introduced us to her assortment of canes of various lengths and thickness and it wasn’t long before I was bent over the vaulting bench to receive my first set of 12 strokes much to the delight of my fellow students. At the end of the Schoolday a detention followed were everybody received a punishment for misdemeanours incurred during the day.

Miss Diosa is very strict in her role as a Headmistress and caters for nervous beginners as well as the more experienced but with always  a smile on her face but she will not tolerate any mischief or else your bottom will suffer as a result. 

I have already booked for another school day later in the year and that day can’t come soon enough.

Colin xx

I am so pleased I contacted Miss Diosa, she is the disciplinarian I’ve been searching for. I’m a relative newcomer and was very nervous on arrival but she had an instant understanding of what I needed. After our initial chat I felt reassured but also fully aware there would be no short cuts to paying the penalty for my bad behaviour. Miss Diosa then gave me a stern lecture that left me in no doubt I was due a (relatively) heavy dose of corporal punishment. My limits are still low but Miss Diosa pushed me to the edge without breaking me. That took a lot of care and attention and I always felt safe in her hands despite howling like a brat. The post-spanking aftercare also really helped calm me down after such an intensely overwhelming experience. I’ll probably be sleeping on my tummy for a week but I couldn’t be happier and cannot wait to see Miss Diosa again.


First time visiting Miss Diosa

I was very nervous when arriving to see Miss Diosa, She very quickly made me feel more relaxed with her warm greeting. We had a chat about my experience and what id like to get from the session. Miss Diosa understood exactly what i wanted. Im not particularly into the school theme but still enjoyed being in the school room. I had been a very bad boy not working as hard as i should being easily distracted. watching porn at work. Miss helped me to see the error of my ways and encouraged me to work harder. I was thoroughly chastised and thrashed with 3 different dragon canes.  I have been on the scene for many years and i have to say Miss Diosa is up there with the best! she has a wonderfully firm arm, she canes with such precision and force which for me is absolute heaven. A very classy and wonderfully fun disciplinarian, I will be back in the near future for another thorough thrashing.                                                                                                                                                                       

 James x

I was delighted to meet Miss Diosa this week, for the first time. She is every bit as beautiful and assertive as her pictures and profile suggest. She had  been efficient in establishing my interests prior to the visit and was perfectly attired when we met. We covered the necessary health and safety rules and were soon in role; the dominant Mistress and her newly acquired play thing. I was delighted. She read me like a very kinky book and incorporated so many of the things I enjoy into her play but with spontaneity so I never felt it was scripted. I just adore her sense of sadistic fun. I had the feeling she was enjoying herself as much I was and I loved her total engagement in the session.Toward the end she pushed my limits carefully but firmly and I was grateful for that. I think I am beginning to gain a taste for her cane, which she wields with such authority. My ass glowed warmly that night. 

At the end Miss Diosa  gently brought me back down to planet Earth. I felt nurtured and looked after having had a fantastic visit but smitten, addicted and craving another session soon. I definitely will be back.

Mark xx

I visited Miss Diosa today for the first time to receive Corporal Punishment for various School offenses. I must admit that I am still very much a novice, but found Miss Diosa to be a lovely Kind and understanding Lady. She dealt with me perfectly and totally respected my limits. After a stern lecture She gave me an OTK Spanking followed by further Punishments with the Tawse and Cane. She Caned me expertly with great accuracy and ended up pushing me further than I thought I could go without pushing me passed my limits. I thoroughly recommend this Lady to anyone from a novice to a seasoned player. I for one very much look forward to visiting this wonderful strict Lady again.

Philip x

I’ve now attended two of Miss Diosa’s school classes and had a great time on both occasions. I enjoy school role-play and other group sessions since as well as your own experience, you can also vicariously enjoy seeing how the others in the class are taking it and benchmark (no pun intended – really!) yourself against them.  I find this fosters a spirit of friendly rivalry (‘if he (or even better, she!) can take it then I certainly can!’) and encourages us to push our own boundaries further than we might otherwise have done, and take more than in a 121.  

 I’d already had some experience with a number of well-established ladies but had heard a number of good reports about Miss Diosa from other players whose judgement I trust, and I was also intrigued from what she’d put on her website.  The others in the class were clearly regulars who’d been several times before so I was happy to let them make the running with the bad behaviour, though that didn’t mean I escaped – she had her eye on everyone there and made sure everyone got their fair share (whether they wanted it or not!).    

Miss Diosa is very professional and had planned the day carefully in advance, and also made sure of everyone’s limits before administering punishment with a range of implements from her well-equipped armoury!  She has as firm and accurate an eye and hand as any lady that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, and made sure that everyone received what they needed.  At the end of the day when it was all over we were all released back into our vanilla worlds pleasantly glowing from all the endorphins the day had generated!  I’ll be back! 


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